Western Door Stain Room

Applying a coat of stain to door

 Doors and Moulding Stained in Factory are FAR superior to on site staining.

THE RESULT - not looks better but lasts longer!
In fact there is no comparison.
Western Door is available to stain on site when required.

SEALER           4 to 10 coats with Hand Sanding between coats.
TOP COAT 1 -  4 to 10 coats with Hand Sanding between coats.
TOP COAT 2 -  UV Protection Coating.
FOGGING IF REQUIRED - Wood Trees grow over a long time and encounter years of wet or dry, hotter and cooler conditions. This can result in denser sections that even when using same stain will be lighter or darker.
When we are applying coats to the door we can do a process known as fogging that will even out the stain colors to create a wonderful superior final finish of uniform color.

  • Uncompromising attention to detail
  • Quality long lasting finish
  • We carry a wide variety of Wood Stains PLUS stains in a spectrum of spectacular colors - red, blue, green, yellow etc. in varied shades.

Visit Our Stain SAMPLE Room shown are only a few of our stains

Visit Our Stain SAMPLE Room - Here is why!

stain room color selection samples

Are you aware?

The stain color you select when applied to your door will actually be a very, very different color on the door totally dependent on the wood species.

If you think the stain color you picked on the can will be what you get on the wood your completely mistaken.

So what to do?
How did western door solve this issue?

Clients can come to factory to select

Your welcome to visit our sample room to select the Wood Type and to Select the stain color.

When you look at the can of stain and the color marked - it actually means little! As the wood has a color it dramatically affects the result as stains are semi transparent to show the grain.

We have walls of samples showing actual results of the stains - shown is only apart of collection.

Please come check out our stain room.

You will be glad you did!

We carry stains in all the colors of
and more!

Imagine the beauty of a stained door in red, blue, green in fact any color you can imagine.

Unlike paint you can still see the beauty of the wood grain and have the benefits of a long lasting finish

stainied blue doors